Another trip to a&e

Jess had her first X-ray today!! She was leaning over the back of a chair and it tipped over and trapped a finger. 😦 luckily no broken bones!! Just lots of bruising and a good few tears.  She was very good getting the X-ray and being in hospital generally. She was cute holding her wee hand up like it was in a sling! Poor baby.  

It’s hard because she won’t get strapped in and when I’m with her at th table she sits fine, I had gotten up to make more toast, she walked to be my chair and leaned over to watch me, I’m guessing. My back was turned as I was putting toast in. As I say very lucky. 


Night time nappies

Tonight is a big night. Jess is asleep wearing a cloth nappy. EEK

So far she has been sleeping in pampers baby dry and she’s been grand with them. no leaks, no rash, no probs, however I want to have her in cloth full time.  I’ve been dubious about this as she usually sleeps for 12-13 hours a night and i wasn’t sure that cloth would last that long, however I’ve heard great things on some Facebook groups about Tots Bots Bamboozles and wrap.  They were half price new in Tesco so we have five and i love them – they are so soft and colorful.  Fingers crossed she will be okay and not wake up sodden and upset.  


I love having her in cloth all the time. We use Tots Bots and Bumgenius and with this roasting weather she has been wearing only a nappy and a t-shirt.  I also use cheeky wipes cloth wipes full time too and love them.  I still can’t explain why i’ve gone down this route.  I think it is to do with the amount of waste.  I am super happy that Jess isn’t contributing to landfill.  I love that i know what is next to her skin and so far its worked as we have had no nappy rash at all.  🙂 


Sniff sniff, cough cough


So we are both a little under the weather today. Poor wee Jessica is all stuffed up and crinkly. You wouldn’t guess it now as she bounces away in her jumperoo, but earlier she was all red rimmed eyes, snuffly nose and cough coughing.

I think this is her first proper real cold, as she was that badly full of phlegm that she threw up her milk and a wee bit breakie. Not so good. I’m not surprised as I’ve been fighting a cold all week. It’s true that it’s hard seeing your wee one ill and I’m so glad that I’m on maternity leave and can just spend the day cuddling her, letting her sleep on me and being there with snuffle baby, muslin, Vaseline and whatever else she needs.