Dry dry dry splish splash

She is well and truly potty trained now, since last post she has had two nighttime accidents and a few in the car but none at all for weeks now.  I love it!! She is so big!!! Potty trained, using a knife and fork, talking in sentences all before two!!! Oh yeah and swimming with armbands. I can’t believe it!!  Go once a week and she can kick her legs and move her arms to get a ball, or get me. She also floats on her back in a star shape and jumps in- proper big legs bent jumps!! It’s awesome! 🙂 my on little water baby. 


Another trip to a&e

Jess had her first X-ray today!! She was leaning over the back of a chair and it tipped over and trapped a finger. 😦 luckily no broken bones!! Just lots of bruising and a good few tears.  She was very good getting the X-ray and being in hospital generally. She was cute holding her wee hand up like it was in a sling! Poor baby.  

It’s hard because she won’t get strapped in and when I’m with her at th table she sits fine, I had gotten up to make more toast, she walked to be my chair and leaned over to watch me, I’m guessing. My back was turned as I was putting toast in. As I say very lucky.