Nearly spring

its nearly spring here although listening to the rain battering my window has me doubting this! The clocks go forward tonight so it is official. I wonder if jess will notice the clock change. I think I’m gonna have to get her up and about rather than just let her sleep. I’m letting her sleep this morning and we will see when she wakes up. 

My goodness loads has happened since last post. We had our first official visit to a&e on Mother’s Day. Jess banged her head on my dads bedside table, poor thing. It got a cold compress straight away and it didn’t even really bruise. She is a star and got a sticker to proof it!! As usual I was super calm during the whole thing, I’m discovering I’m really not the over emotional, cry everywhere type of mother. I’m quite calm, which surprises me.



She still seems to love nursery and quite often comes home with paint in her hair or all over her clothes. We had a couple of really nice days weather wise and she was outside most of the day at nursery. I love this. 

I didn’t working full time hard work. I really struggle with concentration and memory. My brain never seems to quiet down enough. It’s either full on or dead to the world. There doesn’t seem to be an inbetween. I talk a lot in my head, have whole conversation with myself about what I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it. Athen usually end up not getting anything done!!! 

Jess has some words now.  My favourite being The clearest and most special word in the world -Mum! She shouts it when she sees me at nursery, she shouted it out in her sleep the other night. She can point me out in pictures and it always comes with a cuddle. I’m sure in time I will be wishing she shouts on someone else but for now I love hearing it. My heart gives a little flutter whenever she says it and points to me. Especially when it is MaMum!! 


We are almost into wearing the 18-24 clothes. It’s annoying as some are too big yet but some of her 12-18 are too small and most of her trousers are just fitting her. She has short legs. I kinda liked the ease of before when it was a full swap of clothes sizes. My cousins have given her so many clothes, I’m very lucky. She should definitely have more than enough clothes tonslee her through winter. 

Loads more has happened that I’m sure I’m missing, she has 12 teeth, is improving going up and down stairs. Oh I know she eats a lot of her meals now with cutlery, independently. And had rice crispier one day at nursery! I kept the sheet as a momento! 

Life is good, busy, but good. I’m knackered all the time but still give jess undivided attention every evening. We dance, we play, we cuddle, we laugh, we love each other. Life is good! 



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