my baby is growin up

Last week saw a few firsts.  We had first real snowfall that Jess could go out in, and we built our first snowman.  Also Jessica  came and gave me her first goodbye kiss when i left her at my sisters.

The snow first though, so last thursday we had a snow day as the road was too difficult to drive down.  Jess and I stayed at home and watched the snow fall.  We then got all wrapped up and went out to play in the snow.  It was so sweet, she was a bit unsure at first.  I think it was the crunch of the snow and she kept pointing at the snowflakes as the fell around her.  I got a wee video of her then a video after about ten minutes when she was stomping around.  She helped put the finishing touches to our snowman and liked to wave at him.  We called him Percival the snowman, Percy for short! 🙂

Then on Saturday I left her with my sister whilst i went to an SNP fundraiser.  It was funny because my brother in law thought she would start screaming as I left and tried to keep her entertained whilst i walked out but she was not for it.  she stomped through with her lips puckered out and walked towards me, gave me a kiss and then walked away quite happy.  Not much she does makes me want to cry or gets to me in that way but that really really did.  I was left all alone in the kitchen, stunned a little.  I knew it was coming as she is great at saying goodbye to me at nursery, but to do this out the blue was soo cute.


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