Still have hard days

Life with my little peanut is full of joy and wonder and as I’ve said before she fills me with so much love that I always find reasons to smile. However this doesn’t mean that there still aren’t days when I could really just run away and join the circus.

The weekend just past was one of those such days. Saturday was a pj day where I got loads of housework done, imagined my living room and kitchen with some decoration. Played loads with Jessica, had a lovely hot bath then snuggled into early bed with a book. Sunday was a whole different story.

I woke up feeling rubbish, I was irritable and argumentative. Poor peanut must have wondered what had happened. The weather was awful so the meeting with pals I canceled in the morning but by lunchtime I needed out the house!! I thought that I cannot fall down the slippery slope I was on when single and lonely. Which was spend all weekend alone in the house! I simply cannot do that with a toddler. She needs interaction and more importantly so do I!!

Luckily the weather calmed down enough for a drive to see a pal and her wee girl and jess had a pal to play with and it worked wonders. Some other human company was amazing. I drove over feeling I could burst into tears and drove back smiling and singing at top volume. So I have made a vow to my wee lassie that I shall keep on top of housework throughout the week and the weekends are ours. We need to get out the house both days and do stuff together. This will be easier once I have money too- at the moment I’m still waiting to be paid and stressing about that was getting me down. I honestly didn’t think I’d have enough to keep the house warm. I may take her to the swimming pool on a Sunday, and no matter what the weather (unless we are snowed in) I can easily just take her a drive somewhere for a coffee.

So no more crappy days being alone and a single parent. That sh*t is over!! It’s so last year! 🙂


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