A few times I’ve had people, family and friends, say that Jessica is the ‘perfect baby’  They usually follow this with ‘and you don’t know how lucky you are’ 🙂 I usually smile and say thanks.  It got me thinking though about what makes the ‘perfect baby’ I’d like to start by stating that I believe in the eyes of every parent their little cherub is perfect and also that there is no such thing as the ‘perfect baby’ A bit of a contradiction but there goes.

What makes perfection? A baby that sleeps all night? A baby that eats whatever is put in front of them? A baby that doesn’t have crazy tantrums? A baby that doesn’t constantly cry? A baby that is happy to play on their own at times and doesn’t need constant attention?  Its these topics that seem to be inportatn when defining the ‘perfect baby’ and to be fair I can’t argue, going by these  Jessica may well beperfection. She sleeps all night, I’ve never had to use any sleep training.  So far, she has eaten what I give her, she has had some days when she deosn’t eat as much and then others when she eats everything in sight.  She has little tantrums in the house if she doesn’t get her own way but so far nothing major.  She is happy to play away on her own whilst i make dinner or do the chores. She only cries when something is really bothering her, and this stops as soon as I fix the issue.

However I’m not so sure.  She is of course in my eyes a perfect little human being because I am her mum.  I feel overwhelmed and grateful that other people see this, but I am under no illusion. She may wake up one morning and be the terror of the land.  She may decide that she doesn’t like the taste of home cooking anymore.  She may like the sound her crying makes and never stop.  She may even decide that sleep is for losers and she wants to stay awake all night.  All of these things may come to pass and I will deal with them if they do.  🙂

So thank you to all of those that notice the small things.  I can assure you all that I do know I am lucky.  I also know that it is due to all my friends and family and the neverending support that I have round me that I am the mother I am and that Jessica is who she is.


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