Been a while

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged. And a busy few weeks at that. I’ll probably do a few focused blogs on each aspect that has happened over the past weeks, well that’s my plan anyway. So what has been going on? Well…

The referendum- it was a no vote in the end- 55% to 45%. The campaign/yes movement to make this country a better, fairer and happier place goes on though.

Jessica’s party- although not one yet she did have an early joint birthday with her wee pals Murray and Harper. It was a great day. A bit weird as not any of my ‘old’ pals could come so it was just family and my new baby mums. I was busy on the day making sure everyone was okay and cutting the cake with the other two mums, checking Jessica was good. I didn’t really have time to think about anything. Plus, it was a month before her actual birthday so I didn’t have any of the emotional ‘my baby is a year old’ to worry bout. That is still to come. 🙂

We moved house. Yes, finally, we are no longer homeless or just visiting. We have found an affordable two bedrooms house.Across the road from a very good pal. It has a garden with some decking and a nice big driveway. I’m finding to hard to fit all our stuff in at the moment as there isn’t really any built in storage so a lot of stuff is still lying around. Getting there though. It feels like home already.

We are having a wee holiday. I’m at my brothers just now as a friend is getting married. It’s nice to be away from home for a bit and have other people around to entertain the wee one. She loves it, is totally wandering around. Blabbing away. We went to visit my old work today. Didn’t get a chance to see everyone but caught up with some folk. It was nice.

I’ve been offered a job. It’s p/t, starting early nov. I also have an interview for a full time, term time position. More on that later.


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