Funny farting

Okay so me and Jess just shared a special moment together! She was getting an extra special mummy hug as I think we are cutting teeth and she was a bit girny. I had her cradled but she was a bit uncomfy so I lifted her up to her favourite spot. Her wee head found the perfect spot to snuggle into, thumb in mouth and sucking away. She then decided to have a very musical, long release of wind. Right on my hand. There was then the pause and then another wee bit. Well I had a wee chuckle to myself and the next thing I knew she had joined in!!

It was so funny, she didn’t lift her head or move her thumb or try to interact in any way. She just giggled, like she knew it was a funny thing she had done. And then the next ten minutes was a circle of giggles, you know when on person sets another off, and just when you think you’ve got yours under control the other person sets you off again and go repeat!!! And all through this she didn’t lift her head. She knew, I swear she knew!!!

I love that we find farting funny. I love that my daughter and I can share moments like these and laugh about them. I love life with Jess!! (My six year old boy in disguise) hahaha


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