Scotland votes: YES or NO

Well tonight is a huge night for Scotland. We were at the polls tonight to answer the question – Should Scotland be an independant country? I voted YES as I believe we should. I believe this for many many reasons and have felt this way for years.  This is no secret. Mostly I voted Yes for Jessica. I am not happy with the way this country has been heading and we are just not enough to make a change at a general election.  This is the only way we can make a change that will benefit jessicas future.

I am sitting right now waiting on the first result coming in.  My nieces are with me, both sound asleep.  I might wake them up to hear the first few results then put them to bed.  i thought it would be nice to have company.  It has been an amazing time in Scotland over the past few weeks.  No matter what the outcome in the morning I do think there is a change in the air, change is a-coming.  How that change will happen I do not know.  Jessica has been wearing her Scotland outfits and flying the flags.  I am so nervous. Snapshot_20140913 (2)


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