First Baby Steps

Well it has happened. Jessica can officially walk all on her own. Its amazing and wonderful and super scary!!! It happened on 6th September at around 12.10pm.  We were just playing and she took three steps. I was almost in tears, laughing and hugging her, I had to phone my mum to tell someone.  She has been doing the same since then, a few wee steps at a time.  I can’t believe how amazingly smart she is.  She susses things out now.  She can play peek-a-boo with me round her cot whilst getting dressed, she put her arms up when taking tops off and slowly shifts her own weight if standing when taking trousers off.  I didn’t teach her these things, she just knows to do them.  She also has already starting working out that when i hide her teddy bear behind my back, she can keek round and find it.  

She was such a good girl at the weekend, I had a visit from my life long friend who i hadn’t seen in at least ten years, and Jess was as good as gold.  I am so lucky that even with everything that is going on and had gone on with me I have managed to foster an amazing bond between us two.  Yes: I’d love to have someone there just for me but I’m happy with Jessica.  Its like she was always destined to belong to only me, at times I think there is no room between us for anyone else.  

So now she has to perfect her wee walk in time for Gran and Pops coming home from their wee trip up north.  she was walking with her big cousin tonight and her uncle.  I wonder if I bought her first shoes just in time. 🙂


first shoes


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