How much is that doggy in the window

Well yesterday was a HUGE day in my wee girls life.  She said her first word. A couple of days ago she was repeating the word doggy with her book with me and Gus,  and we both were amazed but kinda thought it was just repetition then last night she looked at a picture of a dog and said it, it sounded like doggee.  Hollie caught it on camera.  Today we were in Morrisons, in the toilet roll aisle and she said it again, pointing at the loo roll. I looked at her and said, its not a dog then checked because she was pointing at something, and sure enough, it was the picture of the andrex puppy.  I was so happy and proud, she is amazing  

Today she decided to do another first. She started clapping, then couldn’t stop so for about ten minutes after bathtime we were clapping in our pjs. 🙂 Everyday is something new and magical. 


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