Having fun with friends

Over the past few days I’ve had company in the house.  My good friend Gus of 17 years stayed from Thurs-Sun and it was exactly what I needed.  Jess took to him like she had known him forever and it was so nice to have company.  I was still as busy and kept going all weekend but in a different way.  I cooked delicious, healthy meals whilst someone else entertained my daughter, I sat with another adult in the evening, drinking wine whilst Jess slept soundly upstairs.  It was awesome.  

I watched whilst he played with Jess and got her laughing and giggling.  He pushed her around the house on her wee sit-on train for ages.  I walked in and they were both sat up on the couch reading a book together.  It melted my heart seeing one of my oldest best friends playing with my newest best friend.  It was emotional in a good, positive way.  Both seeing Gus again and seeing Jess play with someone.  

I know that I’ve said I would like help in the house and to finally have that and from a good pal was just as good as I thought it would be.  

So after a great weekend I’m beginning to feel a little sad, sad that I’m back to ‘real’ life with just me and Jess again, sad that Jess is gonna have to entertain herself for a wee while at times and sad that I don’t know when I’ll see my pal again. 🙂 all happy sad. 




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