Some changes are slow and not really that noticeable: gaining weight, losing weight, saving cash, hair growth, nail growth.  They are slow and steady – you only really notice them when BAM you are a stone heavier/lighter and jeans don’t fit, or suddenly you have £2k in the bank when you only save £35 a month or you dry your hair and realise it takes 10 mins rather than 2.  These are  everday life changes of an adult, then of course there are the changes that take place in your first year of life.  These are fast and continual.

One morning you realise you can stand up and by that afternoon you are standing and walking along the sofa.  You go to bed with just gums in your mouth and wake up with a wee white tip of something at your gum, the next time you are in bed you have the white bud of a tooth poking through your gum. In March you starting swallowing smooth food, by the start of August you are feeding yourself carrots off a fork, and trying to put the carrot back on the fork when it falls off. 

I know these changes don’t always happen to evert child at this pace but they are sure happening to my little cherub.  maybe one day i’ll get used to them but I really hope I don’t.  I hope I am forever writing posts like this, marvelling at the obivous, visual changes i see before me on a daily basis. 


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