Baby Friends



When I was pregnant I was a bit dubious about meeting all these ‘other new mums’ and making friends simplay because we have babies the same age.  i though I have enough friends in my life and family are really close.  i didn’t need anyone new,,,,,then,,,,

,,,,a good friend recommended I make friends with the mums in antenatal classes or groups I go to.  her exact words, I think, were ‘you need those new mums, you need someone else in the throws of newmumness’  I still wasn’t convinced……then…

….antenatal classes; we were not the most chatty of women and all of them had thier partners and i just wasn’t in the place to open chatter…. then…

… the planets aligned and another new mum spoke to me and Baby Sensory and we went for a coffee and now I feel I have made some really good ‘mum’ friends. 🙂

So good in fact that I wish I had met them all before, when I was in the throws of early ‘newmumness’ It would have been good to have had a group of folk to hit all the crappy breastfeeding issues and thrush issues off of.  I’m not saying that my friends who were around werent’ good, they were fab. I also know why I didn’t meet them at the time as I wasn’t really in the place to start new friendships. We have all met at the right time.  🙂

And my pal is right: you do need other people going through the same thing, Only they understand the feelings.  I am really lucky that they are all nice and friendly and not competitive or boastful.  All babies are similar in age but are very different, some are crawling, some are not, some have teeth, some don’t, some are eating with their fingers, some are still refusing lumps.  I love it. 🙂

I hope I am much more open to having new people in my life.  Even if some of these friends are only in my life for a short time, they are all needed and I am grateful for them all.


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