Slow down baby, you have plenty of time.

This post is especially for Jessica.  

Slow down baby darling.  Over the past week you have learned how to climb up on the furniture and walk along the sofa, this then became climbing up on me, climbing up on your toys and then the toybox/bookshelf.  I had hoped you wouldn’t reach the second shelf for quite some time but you can already empty it, the sit back down and play with the books and toys.  

I know its exciting when you learn new things, and I know because you look at me with this little proud look on your face that says ‘come look with me mummy, see what I’ve found’.  I hope you always have this look on your face and I hope that I am always there to see it.  The reason I want you to slow down is that you are moving too fast, time is running away with us.  You have not yet been on this planet for 1 year yet and already you can do so much, have a tooth, and can choose one toy over another.  It scares me a wee bit. 🙂 

I know nothing I can say or beg will change time. You will grow and learn more and more.  I just want you to know now that you are amazing me every day.  I constantly facetime or phone gran to show you off, to have someone to share these little huge moments,  At 8.5 months you have me speechless.  I love you darling Jessica, just remember the toys will always be there, there will always be something in life needing climbed so to keep your mummy happy, slow down baby. XX


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