Night time nappies

Tonight is a big night. Jess is asleep wearing a cloth nappy. EEK

So far she has been sleeping in pampers baby dry and she’s been grand with them. no leaks, no rash, no probs, however I want to have her in cloth full time.  I’ve been dubious about this as she usually sleeps for 12-13 hours a night and i wasn’t sure that cloth would last that long, however I’ve heard great things on some Facebook groups about Tots Bots Bamboozles and wrap.  They were half price new in Tesco so we have five and i love them – they are so soft and colorful.  Fingers crossed she will be okay and not wake up sodden and upset.  


I love having her in cloth all the time. We use Tots Bots and Bumgenius and with this roasting weather she has been wearing only a nappy and a t-shirt.  I also use cheeky wipes cloth wipes full time too and love them.  I still can’t explain why i’ve gone down this route.  I think it is to do with the amount of waste.  I am super happy that Jess isn’t contributing to landfill.  I love that i know what is next to her skin and so far its worked as we have had no nappy rash at all.  🙂 



Baby Friends



When I was pregnant I was a bit dubious about meeting all these ‘other new mums’ and making friends simplay because we have babies the same age.  i though I have enough friends in my life and family are really close.  i didn’t need anyone new,,,,,then,,,,

,,,,a good friend recommended I make friends with the mums in antenatal classes or groups I go to.  her exact words, I think, were ‘you need those new mums, you need someone else in the throws of newmumness’  I still wasn’t convinced……then…

….antenatal classes; we were not the most chatty of women and all of them had thier partners and i just wasn’t in the place to open chatter…. then…

… the planets aligned and another new mum spoke to me and Baby Sensory and we went for a coffee and now I feel I have made some really good ‘mum’ friends. 🙂

So good in fact that I wish I had met them all before, when I was in the throws of early ‘newmumness’ It would have been good to have had a group of folk to hit all the crappy breastfeeding issues and thrush issues off of.  I’m not saying that my friends who were around werent’ good, they were fab. I also know why I didn’t meet them at the time as I wasn’t really in the place to start new friendships. We have all met at the right time.  🙂

And my pal is right: you do need other people going through the same thing, Only they understand the feelings.  I am really lucky that they are all nice and friendly and not competitive or boastful.  All babies are similar in age but are very different, some are crawling, some are not, some have teeth, some don’t, some are eating with their fingers, some are still refusing lumps.  I love it. 🙂

I hope I am much more open to having new people in my life.  Even if some of these friends are only in my life for a short time, they are all needed and I am grateful for them all.

Slow down baby, you have plenty of time.

This post is especially for Jessica.  

Slow down baby darling.  Over the past week you have learned how to climb up on the furniture and walk along the sofa, this then became climbing up on me, climbing up on your toys and then the toybox/bookshelf.  I had hoped you wouldn’t reach the second shelf for quite some time but you can already empty it, the sit back down and play with the books and toys.  

I know its exciting when you learn new things, and I know because you look at me with this little proud look on your face that says ‘come look with me mummy, see what I’ve found’.  I hope you always have this look on your face and I hope that I am always there to see it.  The reason I want you to slow down is that you are moving too fast, time is running away with us.  You have not yet been on this planet for 1 year yet and already you can do so much, have a tooth, and can choose one toy over another.  It scares me a wee bit. 🙂 

I know nothing I can say or beg will change time. You will grow and learn more and more.  I just want you to know now that you are amazing me every day.  I constantly facetime or phone gran to show you off, to have someone to share these little huge moments,  At 8.5 months you have me speechless.  I love you darling Jessica, just remember the toys will always be there, there will always be something in life needing climbed so to keep your mummy happy, slow down baby. XX

Long time no post…

.. and so much has happened.  Firstly I now have a swish new laptop in which to write these random posts and so hopefully will be more frequent.  I can’t beliee that I started this blog to keep a note of Jessica’s life and yet I’ve not posted about some of the biggest milestones.  So here goes..

Her mobility – not only is she still commando crawling at a spectacular speed but last Sunday she decided that she would climb, get to stand and them walk along the sofa.  This is her newest thing – no more being on the ground, if there is something she can climb up on, she will.  I’m glad i use cloth nappies as she has a soft landing on the few occasions she,s had falling back on her bottom.  She has an inquiring mind and loves to explore the tiniest wee nooks and crannies and if involves climbing over a seat or box or leg or cabinet then all the better. 🙂

Her first tooth!!! It came through exactly a week ago.  She slept LOADS.  no screaming for hours or very grumpy, just slept for 13 hours at night and a mammoth 3.5 hour nap in the day.  Here it is, the bottom right hand side.  

first tooth

Eating – Jess is a monster with food.  She loves fruit and vegetables and sweet things and well everything I’ve offered her. 🙂  I haven’t actually pureed anything for her in about 3 weeks now, and for the past two weeks she has for the most part fed herself.  There are still some things we spoon feed, such as breakfast and mac cheese and soup.  Although the does always like to have something to feed herself too, even if its a chopped baby tomato or slice of cheese or fruit.  Her favorite food at the moment appears to be plums and pears and satsumas.   I sometimes think she could happily eat nothing but plums.  All of these are eaten raw just chopped up into small handy sizes for her.  She can also happily eat cold sandwiches, so far we have had jam and dairylea.  I love this stage of weaning.  She is kinda independent but still needs me, eager to eat anything, particularly if it come off my plate.  Old enough to try everything on offer, as long as I watch the salt and sugar content.  I’m offering her cake and chocolate and sweet things so she knows what they are and sees them, hopefully as just part of her diet and nothing special. 

Our social life – well we are kept busy.  Made some new friends at classes we go to which is nice.  They are all lovely people with nice kids and similar outlooks as me.  No-one is competitive or high and mighty and we are all just a great support for each other.  Its good for Jess to see other babies on a regular basis too.  

Goodbyes – I said goodbye to Dundee and my life there a few weeks ago.  I think that deserves a reflective post all on its own. 🙂

I hope i’ve covered all the big things i had missed.  I’m sure there will be more ramblings to come soon.