Moving, cowboys and raising money

Yep, she has mastered the commando crawl and tries to get on her knees but mainly uses her toes and elbows. It is great fun to watch her figure this whole moving business. She follows me into the kitchen now, I’m just waiting on her to appear at the bathroom door. 🙂 she is copying loads now too and can wave bye bye and blow raspberries. Although it’s not that much fun when the raspberry being blown is full of bits of weetabix!!!

Today we raised money for Tommys charity which helps mums deal with the loss of still births, at baby sensory. She was dressed up as a cowgirl, the first costume I’ve made for her. She was very cute:


I love going to classes with her. We go to sensory and jo jingles. Sensory is great for ideas of things to do at home and she just loves jingles. It’s all about music and Kerry the woman who runs it is fab! Jessica has reached a few milestones after that class, like sitting up unaided for long periods of time and crawling and playing with instruments.


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