All about me

I had a night away from Jess at the weekend. My first official night out with the girls in Glasgow. Jessica stayed with my sister. It was good fun, good to catch up and have time with close pals to find out who I am now and realise that it’s okay to relax a wee bit now and again. Although she was never far from my mind, I feel like I did manage to have a laugh and giggle with the gals.

What I’ve taken away from that wee night out is that I need to start taking better care of myself. Jessica deserves the mum I was in January. The one who decided enough is enough, time to get fit and fab and be the mum who is get up and go. I feel like I’ve lost that over the past wee while, my back aches preventing me from proper exercising and it gets me down as I feel in pain and lethargic which means I don’t eat right and then feel bloated and blue. A vicious circle that I need to shake myself out of. I’m going to doc soon to see if my back is simply weak or if there is something. Jessica still deserves he mum who looks good and has the motivation to pop her in the pram and go walking. I deserve to be that person. So hopefully this a wee wake up call I need. Happy mummy, happy baby.



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