I wanted a wee quick note to remember all the wee nicknames that I give Jessica. So here we go….

Peanut- obviously, been her nickname since first scan. Don’t use it so much now.

Mrs Mouth- was the name I used every morning when she was in her Moses basket. She used to always wake up and babble and I’d lie and listen to her. It was the first thing I said to her, “Good morning, Mrs Mouth.”

Hubba Bubba- for a few weeks she was a chubby thing till a growth spurt at around 5 months and this was the name me and mum used. We still do and 6.5 months. Out own wee hubba bubba.

Mrs kisses- this is a new one, I’ve started using it over the past couple of weeks. Think it’s because she likes getting her tummy kissed and behind her ears. 🙂

So far that’s it! All our wee nicknames.


6 months where did you go??

Last week my baby was 6 months old!! I can’t believe I didn’t write a post then. Ah well only a week later…

So she was weighed on her birthday and is a happy healthy 17lbs 3 oz. and 66 cms long. The HV was over the moon with her. She can now roll over from front to back AND back again so not as much crying for help when she is stuck!! She can sit by herself but prefers to roll. She babbles all the time and has taken to randomly shrugging her shoulders. It’s the cutest thing!!! She still doesn’t like to be alone some days and lets me know. Whereas other days she’ll happily play on her mat and I can be upstairs, downstairs, out of sight, on the couch, in the kitchen and she doesn’t care!! It’s weird. She is very inconsistent, which makes for fun days! Only thing she is still consistent
with is sleeping all night! Love it!