Sometimes you see things on Facebook and they really get you thinking. It’s been a year since I told family that I was expecting. He was still in the picture and we told everyone in my family together. He told his uncle/family on his own. If they ever knew.

It got me thinking though, how many more ‘It’s been a year since’ have I still to soldier through, remembering/acknowledging but not letting them get me down? There will be a few coming up, and all I can do is take each day as it comes and stumble through.

I’m not upset or sad, and I’ve not sat down and talked about it with anyone, I’ve just silently acknowledged it in my own way as it has had an effect on me. I wonder if I can truly move on with things if I’m still dealing with memories? I’m hoping that once the anniversary of my life crash has come and gone I can hold my head up high and put the past to rest. Memories are good, I don’t want to forget totally as I was happy when Jess was conceived. But they must stay in the past as memories, and not be constantly thought about or trawled through or brought into my present.

It’s amazing what can happen in 365 days. A year is nothing really. I should turn the page and look forward to the next 365. Walking? Talking? Fair hair or dark? What an adventure awaits us in the new chapter. 🙂


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