Mummy, I need you.

I think that’s what Jess shouted to me tonight at about 6.30pm.

Today has been a funny old day, I felt she was really clingy early on and had a good hours nap in the morning, usually she only sleep half an hour. So I was prepared for ‘one of those days’ but, she cheered up and was bright as a button at bookbug, then as I walked around town, charmed everyone in the bank and only fell asleep when we headed for home. (I know, great, I was in town and made it walking back up no problem:)) However, the bump of the front step woke her up and no matter that I left her in her cot with the sleep light on she stayed awake. So I kinda figured she’s be tired come bed time.

Right on cue at sixish she started getting grizzly, an hour earlier than usual, we chilled for a while on the seat with a book. It was lovely, so comfy and content but then she didn’t want to sit, or lie, or bounce and the thumb was in the sleeping position (in the mouth) so I took her upstairs and thought she might have a wee 40 winks before bath, give me time to make and eat dinner, but no and that’s when the shout happened. There were no tears or crying just shouting and I’m sure it was ‘mummy, I need you’

So I answered her call and did something I’ve not done for a while, I took her to my room, which was in semi darkness and we just chilled on the bed. We cuddled, and giggled and it was the best half hour of my day. Dinner could wait, the world could have stopped in fact. I loved it. I want to do it again. I hope we can do as she grows. I’m glad I’m finding these moments again.


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