Food Glorious Food.

So I’ve listened to Jessica and watched her feeding over the past couple of weeks and decided on Monday that she was ready for food. Especially at lunch and dinner time surprisingly. So I bought some baby rice and away we went.

I was thinking about doing baby led weaning at six months but there was no way Jess would last another two months. She took to the spoon really well, my plan is to give her rice and baby porridge for the next few weeks then go onto veg and fruit at five/six months. Fingers crossed I don’t need to purée too much or for too long and she can feed herself food. I’m not following BLW to the absolute but taking bits of it. I want Jess to understand how to use a spoon as well as how to feed herself.

I’m really looking forward to this next part of our adventure. So far so good. 🙂




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