Giving Jess memories.

I read this article today and it got me thinking.

I’ve been wondering what kind of mum I’ll be, what memories will stay with Jess forever and what will just be forgotten. One of my best memories is watching my mum getting her white box of Estée Lauder out every Sunday. She put on her make up for going to church and I would watch her. I thought this white box was wonderful and magical. Mum was beautiful all the time but after she had her make up on she shone. All she had on was some eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick. 🙂

Thinking of me and Jess I want her to have the same kind of memories. Fingers crossed she does, I’m confident that’ll happen as my nieces have always been interested in make up and my make up bag. I hope that the little I use doesn’t have any negative effect on her own self image. I’m sure it won’t. 🙂 it’s interesting as I’m sure that mum never had any of these thoughts. It was just something we did on a Sunday.


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