A wee trip away

I went on a wee weekend trip


Jessica came too


Yes as you can see Jessica needs a lot of stuff to go away for a weekend. 🙂
We headed up to Dundee, stayed with my brother and his girlfriend, which was just fabulous. Such a great and also weird feeling of coming home and giving her over to someone to feed. I actually ate breakfast with both hands and on Saturday had a long, relaxed soak in the bath as she was out a walk. It was great.

Took her into my work on Friday. I am so proud of her. She behaved like an angel, was totally bashful and shy, giggly and smiley and went to everyone. Folk commented on how content she was. I beamed with pride because we did that! Me and her together!! What a team. 🙂 it was good to catch up with old pals and remind myself what it is like to be just me again. Although a whole new completely different me! I can’t say what’s different, it’s Jess. She has changed me, chilled me out, makes me smile. I’m not sure I get these folk who say they want ‘me’ time all the time. ME is a mum to Jessica, always and forever and that person doesn’t need to be with her 24 hrs and can enjoy time away from her but I’ll never stop being Jessica’s mum. I don’t feel I’m making sense with this bit of the post, I know what I mean though.

Spent time catching up with friends on Saturday and Sunday. She behaved at the restaurant and slept all the way home. I definitely know I’m a lucky lucky mum.

Oh and she is now sleeping all night. From last week.


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