Books, stories, bugs oh my!!

Today was our first Bookbug session. It was fun, just some folk round a circle singing songs and listening to a story. There was also some time with a huge sheet of Lycra that the kids stretched. Jess stayed awake through it all and had a quick 15 min cat nap after it. šŸ™‚ I loved being in a library again, we both borrowed books. I’m impressed that the first membership card she has is for the library.

It is so true that books play an important part in kids development. It’s amazing watching Jess look at books, her eyes follow first one page then the other, and I’m sure through time she will understand pages turning, if she doesn’t already. We have been having a story every night for weeks now and I’m going to start introducing them during the day so she knows it’s not just a night thing.

I love that bookbug sign traditional Scottish rhymes, and it’s so down to earth and come as you are. Def going back.


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