Out and about with bottles

So yesterday was our first day out and about without breast feeding. It went okay, I felt like I was having a flitting before we left though with the amount of stuff I packed but I’m guessing it’ll get easier in time. 🙂

We went our first walk round Culzean with my sis, bro and nieces. It was great fun. Not the clearest or warmest day but we wrapped up warm and away we went. Ended up having dinner out too which was great. Went to a nice place in Doonfoot, which was child friendly and food was Delish.

Since I knew I would be out all day I had to take a lot with me like:

2 cloth nappies and 3 sposies, i need to find out how others have days out with cloth- they are quite bulky in the bag, esp when all pooped on but sandwich bags from ikea are great to hold dirty ones, keep smell inside. 🙂

2 changes of clothes, just in case.

Another bag for food- I’m not sure about the do’s and donts of formula so here’s what we had- a thermos of just boiled water, a tub with three measured out portions of formula for 6oz bottles, three sterilised bottles, (taken straight out of solution, teat in, lid on, screwed together then placed in sealed bag) and hand breast pump also out of solution and in a sealed bag. Seems like loads but turns out I needed all of it, bar one bottle but used it straight away when I came home. Once I’m done with the pumping I’ll no longer need the breast pump either.

Was a good, easy, well supported practice run for when I go out and about on my own. I got a little anxious about how much she’d had to eat, but she let us know if she was hungry and she was great, didn’t throw any hissy fits or anything. She was awake most of the day, including when my meal was served but just popped her in the car seat where she giggled away. 🙂


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