Is it wrong to feel proud?

I often wonder if it’s wrong to feel proud of myself at being a mum, maybe proud isn’t the right word but to feel good, positive, happy and ‘right’???

It would seem the trend today, going by other blogs and listening to friends, is to put yourself down as a mum, say ‘I’m sh*t’ or ‘I’m just making it up, I really know nothing’ or ‘I’m a failure’. Even if this is said with a smile, in a self deprecating way, I don’t get it. I’m happy to say ‘I’m doing well with Jess’ Yes, proud of what I’ve accomplished these past few weeks.

I don’t think I’m being big headed saying this or arrogant, of course I don’t know every baby and of course I make mistakes , (why the other day I bumped the side of her head off the banister and on another day I caught her nose with my thumb when I was dressing her) but I’m a great mum to her. I play with her, talk to her, keep her clean, feed her, entertain her, encourage her and challenge her every day, and she responds by growing and developing and challenging me back. Isn’t that what parenting is about?

We will all do it our own way and surely having the confidence to feel ‘right’ ( whichever right suits you that is) will only help bring up a confident, calm little person? There is no wrong, apart from abuse, neglect etc. rather than try to fit your child into a book shaped mould I think parents should be encouraged to see the unique and individual baby shaped mould their children create.


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