What Jess likes

Well I thought another list was in order

What she likes:

Lying on me: I’m glad to say it’s still her favourite place. 🙂 she still nudges and nestles till we are cheek to cheek.

Chatting: non stop it would seem, especially in the morning getting her nappy changed or when she just wakes up, it’s like she really is telling me about her dreams.

The TV: I think a week at my folks has turned her into a Telly addict! 🙂 but we are amending this and a lot of the time it’s music I have on. It hasn’t stopped her sleeping or eating so it’s not too bad

Being out: she is so nosy, always taking everything in.

The bath:recently she has realised she can hang her head off the wee stand I have and her hair is all in the water, such a relaxed look on her face. Kicks all the time in the water.

Her cousins: she loves hearing their names and their voices.

What she doesn’t like.

Being left alone: the sling helps with this. Was quite bad when at my folks but in my house I can be in kitchen when she’s on living room, I just keep chatting to her.


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