1st Christmas

Yesterday was Jessica’s first Christmas. It was a great day, I am so lucky to have her. She slept for 8 hours!!! Woke up at six for a feed then went back to sleep. Which meant I could go downstairs and start the Christmas dinner. Turkey went in, veg got peeled, table was set. Back up for a bath and get myself dressed then Jess woke up, downstairs for a wee play in time for her uncle to come visit. 🙂 then it was a quiet, chilled, relaxed day watching Mary Poppins, opening gifts and snoozing till we went to visit great gran in the nursing home.

Jessica wore a wee Santa outfit and woke up in great grans room. We think this might be grans last as she is looking very frail and losing her marbles a wee bit, but it was nice to see her and give her a gift. Uncle Geordie was there too. He was amazed by Jess’s hair!!:)

Dinner was next, my dad wasn’t very well, which was good news for me cos it meant I got left alone to cook everything!! 🙂 few wee things I need to perfect- cutting a turkey crown into smaller slices,mine were quite thick, but yummy!! Also dealing with stuffing, I should have cooked it in balls or slices. Other than that dinner was a huge success!!:) Jess behaved through it, sleeping when need be. After dinner we exchanged gifts, then it was bath time and bed for a tired lassie.

Doing it all again today too. Got all siblings and weans arriving this afternoon. So I need to head Dow and cook another turkey, peel more veg etc etc. another great day ahead.



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