What a day…

Well today has been a day of two halves. It started at 5am with me shivering and feverish and feeling like id been hit by a truck and has ended with me happily, pain free feeding on both sides with a content stuffed wee lass in my arms.

Turns out I had mastitis in my left side. Got the red mark now, was engorged and soooo sore, it felt like mike Tyson had been training on me. The chills and flu like symptoms struck so fast and I was sitting in bed from 5 am- 8.30 am in tears, whimpering, had to get mum out to get Jessica dressed and ready for the day- she gave her a wee bath as her hair was sodden with my tears. 😦 after speaking to my cousin I took some paracetamol and brufen and massaged my left side all day, had her feeding from it for a while and expressed out as well. Saw a doctor who prescribed antibiotics but I don’t think I need them plus they will aggravate the thrush, which is getting treated again!!!!

Then out of nowhere me and Jess finally got it, the penny dropped and she latched on easily and painlessly on both sides, have had great feeds all day, nipples don’t look mis-sharpen and now we hope they will heal. Getting dressing from the doctors too.

I really didn’t think at 8 this morning id be sitting here feeling fine and feeding well. So happy!!! The support I’ve had here from health visitors, breastfeeding coordinator and nurse practitioner has been amazing!! They are all working as a team and coming in to offer support, hold Jess till I get dressed, make tea, listen to my gripes and allow me to cry. My mum is great but she doesn’t know anything about breastfeeding so doesn’t know how to help, these people have gone above and beyond for me. I really am lucky that I’m here. It truly was all meant to be. πŸ™‚

So yes a day of two halves indeed. Oh and yesterday we fed in ikea, in a quiet corner, on a random bench. It was great!! πŸ™‚


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