1st Christmas

Yesterday was Jessica’s first Christmas. It was a great day, I am so lucky to have her. She slept for 8 hours!!! Woke up at six for a feed then went back to sleep. Which meant I could go downstairs and start the Christmas dinner. Turkey went in, veg got peeled, table was set. Back up for a bath and get myself dressed then Jess woke up, downstairs for a wee play in time for her uncle to come visit. 🙂 then it was a quiet, chilled, relaxed day watching Mary Poppins, opening gifts and snoozing till we went to visit great gran in the nursing home.

Jessica wore a wee Santa outfit and woke up in great grans room. We think this might be grans last as she is looking very frail and losing her marbles a wee bit, but it was nice to see her and give her a gift. Uncle Geordie was there too. He was amazed by Jess’s hair!!:)

Dinner was next, my dad wasn’t very well, which was good news for me cos it meant I got left alone to cook everything!! 🙂 few wee things I need to perfect- cutting a turkey crown into smaller slices,mine were quite thick, but yummy!! Also dealing with stuffing, I should have cooked it in balls or slices. Other than that dinner was a huge success!!:) Jess behaved through it, sleeping when need be. After dinner we exchanged gifts, then it was bath time and bed for a tired lassie.

Doing it all again today too. Got all siblings and weans arriving this afternoon. So I need to head Dow and cook another turkey, peel more veg etc etc. another great day ahead.



It’s Christmas time

Christmas is 4 days away! I’m not sure I have the Christmas spirit yet, I feel kind of flat about the whole thing. I want to make memories for me and Jess, even though I know she won’t remember anything Ill be able to tell her, but I’m finding it hard to do as we spend a lot of the time in the house just the two of us.

Today we did get a wave from Santa Claus and his elves as they drove past being pulled by a tractor. An annual tradition from my towns rotary club. It was special and nice, we stood beside the twinkling tree and waved out the window. I couldn’t help feeling that it was weird not to have anyone to share that moment with though.

Was out with my friend and her baby yesterday and it was good, just to chat about stuff and share experiences and also just to have some company. We wandered round the stores getting some presents.

I’ve got her a wee Santa outfit to wear and special Christmas Jammies to wear on Christmas Eve. I’m sure the Christmas spirit will hit me soon. 🙂

One really good thing is that I don’t have to worry about where I’ll be and when gran and pops will see her, I’d be worried about that if I was still with him 🙂 I decided we will spend Christmas in out own home and gran and pops and cousin Chloe will come and have dinner with us. 🙂 now dinner is something I am looking forward to.

First day for cloth…

Well today is the first day we are wearing cloth nappies. To start with its a pink bumgenius all in one. I’m hoping they don’t leak- leakage is my biggest concern. They seem to fit her okay. Time will tell.

Everything else is ok. Feeding is better but I’m still battling thrush and trying to heal my traumatised nips. She is great!! Getting ready for Christmas. It should be fun. 🙂

What a day…

Well today has been a day of two halves. It started at 5am with me shivering and feverish and feeling like id been hit by a truck and has ended with me happily, pain free feeding on both sides with a content stuffed wee lass in my arms.

Turns out I had mastitis in my left side. Got the red mark now, was engorged and soooo sore, it felt like mike Tyson had been training on me. The chills and flu like symptoms struck so fast and I was sitting in bed from 5 am- 8.30 am in tears, whimpering, had to get mum out to get Jessica dressed and ready for the day- she gave her a wee bath as her hair was sodden with my tears. 😦 after speaking to my cousin I took some paracetamol and brufen and massaged my left side all day, had her feeding from it for a while and expressed out as well. Saw a doctor who prescribed antibiotics but I don’t think I need them plus they will aggravate the thrush, which is getting treated again!!!!

Then out of nowhere me and Jess finally got it, the penny dropped and she latched on easily and painlessly on both sides, have had great feeds all day, nipples don’t look mis-sharpen and now we hope they will heal. Getting dressing from the doctors too.

I really didn’t think at 8 this morning id be sitting here feeling fine and feeding well. So happy!!! The support I’ve had here from health visitors, breastfeeding coordinator and nurse practitioner has been amazing!! They are all working as a team and coming in to offer support, hold Jess till I get dressed, make tea, listen to my gripes and allow me to cry. My mum is great but she doesn’t know anything about breastfeeding so doesn’t know how to help, these people have gone above and beyond for me. I really am lucky that I’m here. It truly was all meant to be. 🙂

So yes a day of two halves indeed. Oh and yesterday we fed in ikea, in a quiet corner, on a random bench. It was great!! 🙂