Breastfeeding: fact or fiction??

So you know breast is best and you strive to give your baba the very best. But what is the actual truth about breastfeeding? Well here I will, given my own experience try to battle through the fact and fiction.

1. You don’t need anything, just you and baby.
Well this isn’t exactly true. I’ve been amazed at what I’ve needed. Syringe in hospital to collect milk at start when baby won’t latch on. Breast pump- a necessity to deal with engorgement and to give nipples a rest when they are too sore to give to baby. Lansinohl cream: necessity for cracked nipples and sore nipples. For some people they have needed a nipple shield, and I got told yesterday about a nipple shell to collect dripping milk which brings me on to breast pads. I’m not talking the one or two boxes you’re devised to buy- you will need loads. Special clothes: feeding bras that fit, tops that have secret sections and make feeding easy, and enough of them to change possibly twice a day. Muslins to help with the leaking. Steriliser for the pump.

2. It’s easily the most natural thing in the world
Nope, I disagree, it’s hard, very hard and you need to learn and straight after giving birth you are not in the best place to learn a new skill. Baby also needs to learn, and not all babies know how.

3. Builds strong bonds
Well this one I agree with and once you’ve got the hang of it, it can be the best time of day. The knowledge that you are giving your baby all it needs to thrive is such a powerful thing.

4. Every feed should be pain free
Eventually, yes but I don’t know how many feeds I’ve had that have been excruciating. All to do with attachment an that new skill you are both learning.

5. Saves baby from illnesses and reduces risks for mum from certain cancers and illnesses
I’m sure this is true but in reducing te risk of these illnesses mum is being open to mastitis, thrush, engorgement, pain, bleeding, to name but a few. Not life threatening but when you are dealing with them they feel like it!!

6. Everyone says first few weeks are worst then it’s great and looking back it’s all been worth it
I’ll let you know the answer to this is 3 weeks time. 🙂


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