Feeding, feeding

You know no one tells you just how hard breast feeding is. How tiring, how sore, how seemingly complicated at times. I find myself asking: is it worth all this?

I’ve been having issues really since my milk came in. Issues I now realise were all to do with attachment and making sure she was on right at every feed, but how do you do this!? Well my solution, or rather a solution from my mum was to call in reinforcements from my big cousin. She is a health visitor and has done loads of work on breastfeeding. And all this week she has been a godsend!! I now know what a pain free feed feels like but don’t get it yet all the time. We are still learning together. I think everyone who chooses to breastfeed should be given support face to face at home for almost every feed when their milk comes in. Prevention is better than cure right? If I’d had it I wouldn’t have cracked nipples or attachment issues.

So is it all worth it? Well today yes it is, I feel good about things and Jessica has been great. Yesterday was a different matter though and tomorrow is a whole new day. I’m not at the stage of giving up but I also know I can’t go on in pain forever. It is worth it to know that I’m giving Jessica everything she needs.


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