13 days in

Unlucky for some??? Well I can’t believe she is 13 days old!!! Little Jessica.

She weighed 7 lbs 9.5 oz at birth and was just a little piece of perfection. Hospital stay was good, I rested and got shown how to bath her, as well as how to breastfeed. It’s such an overwhelming, unbelievable feeling when you see your child for the first time and she locks eyes with you and stops screaming. That first sight will stay with me forever!! These big slate blue eyes gazing at me. I chatted away to her, cried a lot, so did mum then my teeth chittered. She was perfect. Mum cut the cord and I named her Jessica.

She got checked over at the hospital and everyone was happy that she could go home. She has a thick long head of dark hair which sits in a wee Mohican. 🙂

Nearly two weeks at home and how do I feel?? Well I can’t believe that two weeks again I was getting ready to go in and get induced. I can hardly remember my life without her in it. I’ve decided to breastfeed and it was going really well till the last four days. Now it’s all a bit rubbish!! My cousin, who is a health visitor, came over yesterday to help and it turns out our attachment is all wrong. J needs a bigger wide open mouth. We are persevering though so hopefully in a couple of days it should be painless and effective.

What do I know about Jess already?

She loves cuddles- especially when she is lying on me, her head just fits inside my neck.
She can be very alert.
She loves to be spoken to and will watch raptured as you tell her wee stories.
Her umbilical cord fell off on Wednesday , when she was a week old
We didn’t have enough wee clothes to fit so mum went out and bought some.
She can sleep through all the noise at gran and pops house.
Her eyes are blue but we think they are changing
She has a blonde streak already in the back of her head,

I love having her and even though I’m tired and struggling a bit she is worth every missed minute of sleep.



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