False alarm


So on Sunday/Monday we had a false alarm. I tuned contractions/tightenings and they got closer together but not really stronger but I was still unsure so on Monday morning at 3 mins apart with my back killing me, me and mum headed to hospital, after being up all night. I was monitored for 40 mins and although there were certainly signs of “uterus activity” I was told that I was definitely NOT in labour. 😦

Gutted isn’t the word!! Came back and slept most of the afternoon then last night felt awful for wasting mums time and having her up all night. Felt really bad and such a burden! Had a good cry and got all the negative stuff out then woke up this morning feeling much better.

Just a waiting game now. Booked in for induction on Monday so have an end goal in sight at least. Maybe it is a stubborn little boy? Or a constantly late little girl? 🙂


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