Sleepless in Ayrshire

Yet another night of little sleep….

I’m really ready for a reason to be up all night, for the feeling of complete exhaustion due to crying baby or feeding baby. I am done with the sleepless nights due to pain and heartburn! Tonight I’m blaming my sore ribs. They had got better on Thursday but today were agony again and tonight are sore with very breath. 😦

My Braxton hicks are getting more painful too so I’m staying awake to check the time between them and make sure they are not real contractions. I know I have 6 days left before I’m officially term but I feel very niggle and jolt. Plus my tummy has been making weird gurgling noises.

Got checked at mw today and all is well apparently. Now back to a story and maybe another couple of hours snooze. I have a big day tomorrow- baking a cake for my brother with my nieces!! Yum!!


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