False alarm


So on Sunday/Monday we had a false alarm. I tuned contractions/tightenings and they got closer together but not really stronger but I was still unsure so on Monday morning at 3 mins apart with my back killing me, me and mum headed to hospital, after being up all night. I was monitored for 40 mins and although there were certainly signs of “uterus activity” I was told that I was definitely NOT in labour. 😦

Gutted isn’t the word!! Came back and slept most of the afternoon then last night felt awful for wasting mums time and having her up all night. Felt really bad and such a burden! Had a good cry and got all the negative stuff out then woke up this morning feeling much better.

Just a waiting game now. Booked in for induction on Monday so have an end goal in sight at least. Maybe it is a stubborn little boy? Or a constantly late little girl? 🙂

Pregnancy endings still going on…

Well today is my big due date and still no baby!! Have being having loads of pains the last few days/nights but nothing has come of it! Had a meltdown the other night, crying, being sick and sobbing. I was just fed up of being in pain and not sleeping. It was not the best night of mylife. 🙂

The pain has been in my pelvis and across my lower back and period like pains low down in bump. Just waiting on them becoming regular, longer and more intense!!

Sleepless in Ayrshire

Yet another night of little sleep….

I’m really ready for a reason to be up all night, for the feeling of complete exhaustion due to crying baby or feeding baby. I am done with the sleepless nights due to pain and heartburn! Tonight I’m blaming my sore ribs. They had got better on Thursday but today were agony again and tonight are sore with very breath. 😦

My Braxton hicks are getting more painful too so I’m staying awake to check the time between them and make sure they are not real contractions. I know I have 6 days left before I’m officially term but I feel very niggle and jolt. Plus my tummy has been making weird gurgling noises.

Got checked at mw today and all is well apparently. Now back to a story and maybe another couple of hours snooze. I have a big day tomorrow- baking a cake for my brother with my nieces!! Yum!!

Pregnancy endings contd.

Well with only two weeks to go the last two days have been real stoaters!! Firstly on Friday, at my midwife app, the baby’s heartbeat was too fast so I was sent off to hospital to have it monitored for forty minutes. My dad came with me as mum was watching my niece. Turns out peanut was just being super active and getting its heartbeat up!! Dad was great, first time he had heard a baby’s heartbeat through the machine and I think he enjoyed the experience! Since peanut has always responded to my dads voice, I wondered if he was maybe the wrong person to take if they were wanting to monitor peanuts resting heart rate.

I have to say the nurses and midwifes are so calm that I stayed calm throughout the whole thing. They explained everything and said that it was just a precaution, which kept me relaxed and focused. Things are looking for good for the eventual labour. 🙂

Yesterday the parental a came over to mine to do the last few finishing touches to my bedroom. I was bouncing away on my birthing ball. All was well till I went to sit down again on said ball and ended up slipping off it and cracking ribs against the low window will. Don’t know who got biggest fright me or mum!!! Dad wanted to burst the ball and throw it away but I wouldn’t let him!! So now as well as pelvic pain and general feeling massive I have sever pain on left side, think I’ve bruised my ribs or something. Can hardly do anything for myself. Such a silly thing to do!!

Peanut continues to be most active around 2-3 pm and 9-10pm!!

Random list

Here are things I cannot wait to do once baby is here:

Sleep. (without a nest of pillows) I don’t care how long it’s for, as long as I rustle about when sleeping like I did before pregnancy and don’t wake up in agony, or dying for a wee!

Walk without pain. In fact I can’t wait to take baby a walk, even in good south west Scotland rain.

Put my own socks on

Wear boots without worrying about swollen ankles

Get dressed standing up.

Eat: a medium steak, some Parma ham, lovely smooth pate and a soft boiled egg.

Try out my parents jacuzzi bath.

Rediscover my clothes

Put gaviscon away.

Here are some things I’ll miss:

Baby’s movements.
Allowing people to do things for me.
Having baby all to myself, I’m not sure ill enjoy sharing. 🙂
Having movie-athons on the sofa

Now there is only 2 weeks left I really cannot wait to meet the little darling! 🙂