Last single girls day

Well today was a day and half!! I had planned a trip to Glasgow to meet up with a couple of pals for lunch. At the last moment I also decided to treat myself to a super douper pre pregnancy haircut at Tony and Guy. So, I got up, had shower, breakfast and left in plenty of time to park then waddle to the salon.

Upon reaching the grand city I got to the car park, took my token, and parked the car ONLY THEN to realise that whilst I had lifted my handbag, bottle of water and phone I had left my purse at home!!! I tell you, I was close to tears!! I started to panic, could feel the tears coming to my eyes, couldn’t work out what to do! Should I cancel haircut and go wait for friends? Borrow money for lunch and car park? Should I go to bank and see if i can withdraw money, even without any form of id? Should I try and get out the car park, but I did not know if it was manned? I had £1 in my handbag and an hour and half to kill till I was meeting friends! I couldn’t walk round shops for that length of time, i’d be in agony! As you can tell, so many thoughts and no answers so I did the only sane thing before I was in full panic/ breakdown mode- I called my mum!

She was great, I can’t believe she and dad drove up to Glasgow to give me my purse. She knew how important the haircut was, how good it would make me feel and how important it was to meet up with friends. What I can’t believe is that in a few weeks I’m going to be that person for someone. I’m going to be the only sane thing to do- call me??? What will I know?? I only hope I can be half as good a mum as mine is, either that or baby knows grannies number too. 😉


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