Pregnancy endings!!

Well as I enter the final, hopefully, three weeks of pregnancy, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the symptoms/side-effects/niggles of ring pregnant. Mostly in case I forget them but also just to have a wee list before these posts become all about little Peanut!! So I’m just going to list them in no particular order. Its not meant to be a moany post just a record of the things a body goes through. Apologies to those who may be squeamish as some are a wee bit personal. πŸ™‚

So although I was never sick, I felt sick most of the day for the first 10-14 weeks. Along with this I had strange tastes, including everything very bland and basic. Like plain chicken and rice, or super noodles (even though I thought I loved them I could hardly finish a bowl) I tried everything ginger, the tea worked as did ginger biscuits and ginger cake.

This one has been all pregnancy. The first thin was going off tea and coffee!! I mean I could easily have had ten cups of tea a day then all of a sudden boom!! It turned my stomach. This one lasted for months and even now with three weeks to go, my tea has to have some sugar in it and be weak. Coffee I can drink again but only have a cup a day.
Breakfast bars- I couldn’t get enough.
Milkshakes – as I near the end I find myself drinking about 4 pints in a day and half. Nesquik or Crusha, it doesn’t matter as long as its strawberry!
Lucozade- for the first 8 weeks when I was off tea I think I was getting my caffeine fix from Lucozade Orange. I could easily have three or four bottles a day till a friend pointed out the amount of caffeine in them!
Vegetables- I went off broccoli! As well as other veg. Again the thought turned my stomach- that was prob from 14-24 weeks.
Poor appetite- again I’d say all pregnancy but def after the break up, even now I struggle to feed myself as I have no appetite, however if food is put down I realise I’m hungry. When I was working it was my appetite that went and it did stress me out loads.

This is a bit personal and gross so I won’t go into it in depth. πŸ™‚ I didn’t realise just how much you become aware of all bodily functions when pregnant. If its not the constant running to the loo to wee, it’s the wondering, “when was my last BM?” There was a time in the middle of pregnancy when the loo runs became less frequent but not now. I feel like its the most used room in the house! πŸ™‚
Wind- there was a time, probably about 12-18 weeks when I couldn’t control the burping or passing of windy pops!! Yuck!

Not been a problem till these last few weeks, easily solved with gaviscon by the mouthful.

Well I’ve told you of the pelvic girdle pain and that’s been the highlight. 😦 now its just general aches and pains with weight of baby.

From the first wee flutterings that felt like butterfly kisses to these huge digs and slides its doing now, all have been amazing!! They have been what has kept me going, kept me from breaking down and weeping. It’s impossible to explain them. Now they are quite jerky and also feel like baby has hiccups as they are sometimes regular. Peanut still feels like it prefers the right side.

This is a true killer!! At the start it was due to stress and loo runs and feeling sick, then it was due to my life being catapulted in a new direction, now I guess it’s to do with nature preparing me for life with a newborn!! Yeah right, who you trying to kid here nature??? For the past umpteen weeks I can only sleep for two hours at a time, now it’s reduced to an hour. Then I just got wake up, turn over, rub aching hip/knee get comfy again and realise yep I need to pee!!! I’m totally prepared nature- bring it on! πŸ™‚

I’m sure I might come back to this post to update at some point when I remember other little niggles. I guess the biggest one is the unbelievable amazingnesss of the miracle of life. I mean I don’t do anything consciously, apart from look after myself which I’d do anyway, and yet my body can create, nourish and grow a child!! It’s way beyond cool!!


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