Pamper Day

Today i was treated by my big sister to a surprise. I haven’t been sleeping much recently (it is 5.40am) and I think she took matters into her own hands. I was told to be at her house for 12pm.

I arrived to find the table set for lunch, me, my sis and two nieces. šŸ™‚ It was lovely. My youngest niece was waitress and got me my drinks and food. She had also chosen some black forest gateau from a delicious local bakery. There was candles and strawberry and marshmallow kebabs. yum yum.

After lunch niece took over again and gave me a new hairstyle along with a glittery manicure. I was driven to a secret destination by my sis. She had booked me in for 75 minutes of pampering at a local therapy room. It was bliss..

I had a facial and a hand massage. Total relaxation. It really was bliss. exactly what I needed. Although as tonight can show it hasn’t really aided to the lack of sleep situation but hey ho!! šŸ™‚

But the day didn’t end there. It was back to my sisters house with my niece who entertained me for a few hours, including practising her violin and playing at shops. Then my brother joined us later on by surprise and we had another lovely meal, watched some tv and chilled.

All in all a very relaxing day with sis and niece.


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