Farewell to work

So, my maternity leave has officially started now, 2 weeks earlier than expected due to pelvic girdle pain.  (which I will post about) I had 2 days handover period with my replacement and then said farewell till next August.  Biggest question is How Does It Feel??

How does it feel?? Well to be honest I’m not sure its sunk in yet.  I really don’t have to worry about my work, there is someone else very competent in the post, the work will carry on without me, decisions will be made on a daily basis that I might agree with, might disagree with and the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter! well not to me sitting here right now it doesn’t. 🙂  

Its weird handing over a job you’ve worked hard at for years, built up and cared for.  I felt like there was loads I wanted to tell my cover but at the same time I had to allow her the freedom to make the job her own for the time she will be there. Strange doesn’t quite cut it.

What I did miss was saying cheerio to all my colleagues, and I feel that I will miss them all greatly as I’m not living in the area where I work but 2.5 hours away. 😦 I’m going to keep in touch via email and facebook and this blog obviously and I’m sure we will have catch ups in Glasgow.  I will, once baby is old enough, make the journey back up to see everyone, but I guess it feels far away at the moment.   

One of many major life changes I can put a tick next to, I’m excited about how many more are just around the corner……

(still to switch work e-mail off my phone though. :))


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