Movements ahoy

So since the start I’ve felt sick in the morning, mid afternoon and again at night. Then when the movements started they followed that exact same pattern. Peanut moves in the morning, has a kick around about 2.30-30pm then like clockwork Peanut is all go around 9pm for about an hour!! Peanut also likes ths Sound of my dads voice, in fact it was when I was talking to my dad months ago that I felt the first flutterings. The other week my dad and a friend of my brothers was chatting and peanut was all kicks and turns. I think it likes a good gossip!

Now like all mothers I’ve tried to catch this on camera. I’m now 30 weeks today and last night caught my tummy going crazy. Unfortunately I cannot upload to this site yet but it is saved.

Thinking of the movements they have totally changed in feeling over the past ten months. At the start it was like someone giving me a butterfly kiss inside my tummy really low down, about my pant line. Then it was proper kicks and jabs for a few weeks that took me by surprise and could be quite painful. Now I can feel the baby’s head as it settles up high and overall the movements feel like waves across the middle of my tummy. I like that I can prod the head and feel the pressure at the bottom. There was one day when I swear I could feel the spine all the way down the front of my bump!

I think that in the morning peanut is lying towards the back as I feel smaller and can’t feel it, then come evening time it has moved to the front and is up high as I can feel it, both the pressure and actually feel the round head with my hands. I’m 32 weeks this week and peanut is still lying breech, midwife says nothing to worry about. If still breech at 36 weeks, I might get another scan.


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