Pregnancy middles

Well if the beginnings took us to Easter I’d best continue, we had our first scan scheduled for the Friday after Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is always a family affair with my family, we go on an egg hunt and then have a family lunch, so it was the reflect time to tell everyone our news. He did t like this idea because we had agreed not to tell till after the scan but since the scan was only 4 days away I couldn’t see a problem. Plus if anything was wrong with the scan I would need the support from my family as I was already in love with this baby.

So I had the perfect way to tell everyone. I created wee Easter cards, one for each niece and one for my bro and sis, my other bro was on holiday so I just called him to tell him whe. He got back. 🙂 the cards said happy Easter to my big cousin, see you in October! I remember my brother saying why is my sister giving me a card that says to uncle John? 🙂 it was great, mum and dad were very happy, bro and sis were over the moon and congratulated us both. My youngest niece was super excited, if a little in awe. She told her mum that this was great news because now she wasn’t the youngest and wouldn’t get blamed for everything! I loved it.

He was okay too that day, if a little distant, but then I’d been distant with him as I’d been on my phone and through safari had found a message on his facebook page where he was talking very negatively with one of his pals, who I also read had been quite flirty with him in the past few weeks too. I talked to him about this but he said it was nothing to worry about and just his way of expressing himself and getting things off his chest. I was already pregnant and moved in with him, I felt that there was nothing I could really do and I guess there is different ways we talk to different people. I did not have his password or anything, he had obviously been signed in on my phone in the past. I put it behind me and he apologised.

The scan was the next big thing and I thought that surely after the scan he’d be happier, more excited about the baby. He had decided to take his mothers viewpoint which was it was bad luck to get too excited or to get things in or even talk about the baby till the first scan. Which had meant that for the past few weeks he didn’t really discuss things, whereas I was planning nurseries and costing cots and clothes and looking at real nappies, whilst he was ignoring the fact that a baby would be entering our lives. So the day of the scan we headed to hospital early, found the correct department and waited. We had the chat about the Down’s syndrome test and I had decided that I didn’t want to it as I saw no point in the first stage as I would never risk the second stage. I had made him read the book about the test and he was in agreement, though I’m sure he really wanted it done. Tough I decided, it was my body after all. So we signed that we would not be having that test, I drank water and waited. I have to say I was so nervous, it was like magical, in a few moments I’d get the first medical confirmation that I was indeed pregnant! 🙂 we went into the room, he sat beside me and I pulled my top up and trousers down a wee bit. The gel was warm, I was expecting it to be cold! And then the scan started and there was a teeny panic, I thou there is nothing there, I wasn’t showing, I hadn’t felt it, but that panic lasted a few seconds then bam there was our baby! Head, spine, legs, arms, and most important of all a good strong heartbeat. I just stared at the screen. So did he. All looked well, we were given five copies of the same picture, which was amazing. It’s little body and legs. I don’t have a copy of this picture, the only thing I have is it saved on my phone. . Here it is



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