More ante natal classes

Well since my last post I’ve been to two more ante natal classes. The second one I had to go alone as my mum couldn’t make it. Yeah it was hard and I felt rubbish but I guess one wee hour class isn’t much in the grand scope of things I’m gonna have to do on my own. The physio took us through the three stages of labour, told us to remember to breath out SOS “Soft and Slow” she also said we need to try to keep mobile as much as possible and not to lie down on the bed straight away. We don’t need to stay in our room we can go for a walk along the corridor and crab walk up stairs, both sides, to encourage babies head to be in centre of pelvis. Can dance with our partners (though I’m not sure mum will be up for that) lean on ball, lean on side of bed/chair/table. Not to panic. It all seems fine and easy when they talk about it. And quick. Although she reminded us it could take anywhere between 10-12 hours or more, they still go through it all quick. She also spoke about the pool. I’d like to try the pool, I love being in the water, but I’m not ure I’d like to actually deliver in the water.

The third class was just last night, my sister came along with me as mum was on holiday. Surprise surprise my midwife was my sister too years ago with my niece. My sis liked her so that’s reassuring. She also went through labour but from a midwife perspective. Now we know what signs to look out for to know we are actually in labour. We have to call the hospital when we think we are in labour, which I’ll be doing anyway. And if the labour stops we must call back to let them know. 🙂 so now I know what to expect during the labour, lots of breathing, lots of wandering and lots of pain. Pain relief: wow what to take, what not to take!!!! The idea of a needle in my spine freaks me out, but I’m not ruling out an epidural. I’d prefer the drug that you control, and gas and air. Midwife thinks very few first births cope with just gas and air so ill be prepared for something a but stronger.

I guess now its down to me to write my birthing plan, pack a hospital bag and basically get prepared. If this child has my genes though it’ll be late. So next week is my last ante natal class, I can’t say it’s not been weird not having my mum, I wanted her there so she knew what I’d been told and wasn’t just going by what she did 33 years + ago. Even my sister said things have changed since she had her two 9 years ago.

Well I’m starting my lists now. Eek!


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