Ante-natal class

So last night was the first ante-natal class. My mum came with me, as she will be my birthing partner. There were another three women and their men there. One about my age maybe and the other two were younger. All first time mums. I don’t know their names or stages, one looked about ready to burst but the other two looked about the same stage as me. The class was led by a physio.

She talked about the pelvis and showed us a model, explained how we get pain and what exercise to do- the ab exercise and pelvic floor exercise. I need to buy an exercise ball to sit on and help straighten my back. I’ve got a physio appointment today so hopefully get help with my pain.

Back to class- she then talked about birth and told us we should look forward to the birth and not get scared about it. Easy for her to say! We have to focus on our breathing and breath through the pain. It was weird she said not to get into the fight or flight mode and to breath through it, we have to use any situations that arise to practise, such as bee sting or stress. I thought we’ll I’ve been through a lot of stress the past few weeks, I’m sure I could cope. I’ve not ran away or crumpled, I’ve breathed through the worst of it and I’m still standing. Maybe labour won’t be as bad?

We were shown relaxation techniques which reminded me of yoga. I wish I could go to maternity yoga but since I won’t be in the same place for more than four weeks now I know there is no point. Mum was shown how to massage my back. During the relaxation and chill time a wee tear fell out my eyes, I couldn’t stop it. I wasn’t feeling tearful just couldn’t stop it.

The physio kept trying to make jokes with the guys, ,like asking if they were still in the bed, how was the mother sleeping etc. It wasn’t such that I missed him as I know he wouldn’t have enjoyed it or been really supportive. It was more like it emphasised to me that I am doing this on my own.

Next week we will be taking the labour in stages and talking through the whole process. I guess I can’t bury my head in the sand anymore. There will be a birth and there will be a baby. Eek!!!


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